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Plate heat exchanger

Our air to air (gas to gas) plastic plate heat exchanger are designed for air and gas flows from 50 m3⁄s and up to more than 250 m3⁄s (>600,000 cfm). The design is modular to fit any air and gas flow volume.

The heat exchanger plates are made of plastic, or glassfibre reinforced polyester (GPR), which makes the whole heat exchanger corrosion proof in corrosive air and environment.

A 15mm gap between the heat conductive plates enable handling of dusty air and particles with getting blocked.

With a maximum temperature of the air or gas into the heat exchanger of 160°C and a very low pressure drop of only 150 – 300 Pa, our product is suitable for most fans. Due to the condensation on the exchanger, its also self cleaning.

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