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In addition to manufacture and supply of the proprietary GUPEX® air and gas heat recovery equipment worldwide,  Gupex AS has since 1987 been operating as a leading industrial and commercial comfort ventilation contractor.

Head office for air and gas heat recovery company Gupex AS
Gupex AS is a contractor of complete turn–key ventilation and heat recovery systems for both industrial and other commercial installations.

Commercial and institutional comfort ventilation

The Eastern region of Norway is Gupex's primary geographical area for the supply of commercial and institutional comfort ventilation.

Industrial ventilation and energy recovery

Industrial ventilation and energy recovery contracting is however supplied nationwide in Norway and also nationwide in Sweden.

In the last few years Gupex has supplied a range of ventilation installations to customers including Statsbygg, Undervisningsbygg, Akershus fylkeskommune.  In addition, as a subcontractor Gupex has supplied ventilation systems to construction and building contractors like AF Scandinavia and Ole K. Karlsen AS.

Gupex AB is the Swedish subsidiary that supplies industrial ventilation systems either as a turn–key supplier or as a sub–contractor.

Gupex AB have customers like Volvo, Sødra Cell and Holmen Paper.

Gupex AB and Gupex AS are organised and operated as a thoroughly integrated group where knowledge, production capacity and human resources are shared to improve the quality of the products of the whole group whatever the location of the customer.

The annual turnover for the Gupex group is currently in the region of 30 million kroner ($6m⁄€4m⁄£3m) with a healthy sustainable profit level to enable future growth.

Why choose a GUPEX product?

All the project engineers in Gupex have long and relevant experience from the ventilation industry and the projects are developed closely together with the end user in order to achieve the optimum solution with regards to quality and performance.

Focus areas and philosophy of Gupex are to supply installations with long operating life with low operating and maintenance costs.

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